Tailbone Injuries

Sprains to the tailbone are among the less common spinal injuries, but they can be a real pain. While the body possesses a potent capacity to heal itself, patients shouldn’t have to choose between suffering or taking dangerous painkillers while their tissues repair. At the Billings chiropractic office of Dr. Robert Larson, we provide minimally invasive, low-risk treatments to help our patients remain active and as comfortable as possible.

The tailbone is a vestigial structure at the bottom of the spinal column that is made up of fused vertebrae. It is also called the coccyx and pain in the area surrounding it is called coccydynia. The tailbone is located in the pelvic region, and while it can be broken, it is more common for pain to be caused by bruising to the soft tissues that support it. Bruising in this area can be caused by injuries while horseback riding and cycling, and there are some cases that were caused by childbirth.

Swelling in the pelvic region could cause sciatica and the leg pain that comes with it. If a patient complains of a bruised tailbone, we’ll want to do an examination to ensure that really is the cause of their pain, as opposed to an infection. We have a number of advanced diagnostic tools in our office, and if tailbone bruising is confirmed, we can treat it through methods such as adjustments, electric muscle stimulation, and therapeutic exercise. We can also provide patients with a cushion called a chiropractic wedge that can be sat on without putting pressure on the tailbone.

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