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Back Pain in Cyclists

When Billings athletes are suffering from lower back pain, Dr. Robert Larson’s chiropractic clinic will help them to heal quickly and safely. But we also value preventive care, which is why we educate athletes on how to avoid overuse injuries. Cycling is a great way to exercise without subjecting the skeletal system to impacts, but cyclists are at high risk for lower back pain if they do not avoid some common mistakes.
It is important for a bicycle’s frame to be fitted to the rider. Cyclists may change their posture while riding, but if the handlebars are too far forward, having to stretch to reach them will put strain on their lower backs. Many peoples’ legs are also slightly different lengths, and while this wouldn’t usually make much of a difference, having to compensate for this over a long period of time could lead to muscle strain.
Lower back pain is a common problem even in professional cyclists, suggesting that poorly fitted equipment is not the only issue. While it is necessar…

Introduction to the Gonstead Technique

Dr. Robert Larson has long been recognized as one of the most comprehensive providers of chiropractic care in the Billings area. As part of his training, he is certified in the Gonstead technique for providing adjustments. This technique allows us to treat patients’ back pain with more specificity and less invasiveness.
Misalignments in the base of the spine will result in misalignments higher up. If there is a problem with weight distribution at the level of the pelvic girdle, for example, the body may compensate by redistributing weight in the upper back, resulting in strained muscles and pinched discs. While treatments to the upper back may alleviate such a patient’s pain, they will not fix the problem.
The Gonstead technique was developed to allow chiropractors to identify and treat all of the problems with a patient’s alignment. Gonstead practitioners use a device called a nervoscope to detect unusual amounts of heat in a patient’s spine, which could be the location of inflammation…

Lower Back Pain

Pain in the lower back can be a nuisance whether we are performing daily activities, sleeping, or sitting all day due to a desk job. Pain that develops in the low back can be a result of conditions that affect the bony lumbar spine, discs between the vertebrae, ligaments around the spine and discs, as well as muscles of the low back. If you are bothered by lower back aches and pains, Dr. Robert L. Larson, D.C., can bring you back to optimal health.
Your hip flexors are vital for proper posture, walking, running, and standing upright, so naturally, you want to keep them at their highest performance level. Unfortunately, sitting for long periods of time allows the muscle to become accustomed to the seated position as normal, causing pain when you stand. Treatment for lower back pain depends on the patient’s health history and the severity of the pain level. In addition, the vast majority of lower back pain can improve over a course of six weeks with non-surgical treatment.
If you have que…