Is Chiropractic New To You?

Dr. Robert L. Larson, D.C. has treated many first-time chiropractic patients.  Often, the patient has tried other treatment methods but is still frustrated with pain or discomfort.  What surprises most new patients is that chiropractic does not encourage drugs as part of treatment.  Chiropractic focuses on treating the root cause of any pain, unlike drugs that act as a ‘bandaid’ for symptoms but don’t correct the issue.  Chiropractic is based on healing the body as a whole.  The human body is resilient, and chiropractors use their knowledge of the spine and central nervous system not only to guide the body to self-heal, but improve musculoskeletal health and function.  Your initial consultation and assessment with a chiropractor is very important.  We will work to understand your goals for treatment, and take a very detailed record of your current condition using a physical exam, and sometimes x-rays.  Chiropractors not only treat damage to hard and soft tissue, but help patients expe

Hip Pain

If you experience pain in your hips, chiropractic treatment can help.  Come see Dr. Robert L. Larson, D.C. for evaluation and treatment. Hip joints are the largest joints in the body, and are intertwined with muscles, ligaments and nerves that control most of the body.  Because the hip is a complex joint and connects so much of our anatomy together, assessment from a chiropractor is important for diagnosis.  What someone perceive to be hip pain can easily be caused by or linked to an issue in the lower back, legs, or butt. At your examination, tell your chiropractor what your discomfort feels like and when it occurs.  Describe if it is painful, feels stiff, or you feel a decrease in the range of motion.  Also note if your hip is mainly sore after waking up, or becomes more painful at certain times.  When the source of your pain is determined we can determine the best treatment.  In addition to adjustments your chiropractor will assign exercises and stretching to do on your own, which

Kyphosis in Older People

A lot of seemingly natural consequences of aging, such as the stooped gait seen in elderly people, are really caused by diseases. We spine health specialists at Dr. Robert Larson’s Billings chiropractic office don’t just treat back injuries, we also work to prevent them. Patients at our office are advised on nutritional needs to prevent neurologic degeneration and vitamin supplements that help prevent osteoporosis. Doctors use the word “hyperkyphosis” to describe an overly curved upper back. This is most often the result of osteoporosis. Bones are constantly breaking down and rebuilding, but in a person with osteopenia, they are dissolving more rapidly than they are being replaced. If osteopenia advances to osteoporosis, the patient’s bones will be filled with holes and be vulnerable to breaking just from ordinary jostling. These hairline-thin fractures are often too small to be felt, but if they accumulate, they can cause vertebrae to slowly cave in. As vertebrae break down, the pat

Tailbone Injuries

Sprains to the tailbone are among the less common spinal injuries, but they can be a real pain. While the body possesses a potent capacity to heal itself, patients shouldn’t have to choose between suffering or taking dangerous painkillers while their tissues repair. At the Billings chiropractic office of Dr. Robert Larson, we provide minimally invasive, low-risk treatments to help our patients remain active and as comfortable as possible. The tailbone is a vestigial structure at the bottom of the spinal column that is made up of fused vertebrae. It is also called the coccyx and pain in the area surrounding it is called coccydynia. The tailbone is located in the pelvic region, and while it can be broken, it is more common for pain to be caused by bruising to the soft tissues that support it. Bruising in this area can be caused by injuries while horseback riding and cycling, and there are some cases that were caused by childbirth. Swelling in the pelvic region could cause sciatica and

Icing An Injury

At the chiropractic practice of Dr. Robert L. Larson, D.C., we help patients rehabilitate from all kinds of injuries.  The method of icing an injury, called cryotherapy, is known to provide cooling relief and help numb painful soft tissue injuries. Applying ice safely by using an ice pack or cold compress is an excellent way to treat muscle spasms and injuries like sprains and strains.  If icing an injury does not provide relief or your pain worsens, contact us for help. After an injury, affected soft tissue will be inflamed and icing the area reduces inflammation and pain, as well as cools the skin to constrict blood vessels and heal the area.  The healing effects of ice pack therapy can also be helpful after a flare-up in chronic pain like in the back or knee, and is a cheap option for at-home relief. Cryotherapy is an effective way to manage pain at home without medication. To learn more about all the services provided at the practice, visit  for more infor

Cell Phone Use and Neck Strain

Dr. Robert L. Larson, D.C. sees a lot of patients straining their back and neck by looking down at the screen on their devices.  You may have even heard this being called “text neck”. The average adult head weighs between 10 and 12 pounds, and neck muscles are meant to support the weight of the head in a neutral position.  Looking down at a screen increases the strain on your neck as if your neck is carrying a lot more weight.  Tilting your head forward just 15 degrees adds enough force to double the weight your neck is supporting, and the greater the angle, the greater strain.  Many people who text with their chin near the neck are tilting the head forward 60 degrees, which increases the load to about 60 pounds! The good news is we can make smarter choices about how to use devices every day to reduce strain on our bodies. Starting with good posture will always reduce strain on your neck.  Sit up straight with your shoulders lined up above your hips and your head upright. Hold your ph

Overall Wellness Tips

The motions of daily life, if done incorrectly, can result in injury to the spine. According to the American Chiropractic Association (ACA), wellness is defined as “an active process that promotes health and enhances the quality of life.” We all stand, sit, lift, sleep, talk on the phone and partake in some sort of physical activity on a daily basis and at the chiropractic office of Dr. Robert L. Larson, D.C., we want our patients to utilize wellness tips so that they can add potential to their everyday lives. Indulge in a massage – set aside some time to experience the complete and total bliss of a massage. It soothes both the mind and muscles, improves sleep quality, and reduces stress. Unplug – these days it seems like we’re all glued to our phones, laptops, or even both at the same time. Taking a break from social media, email, blogging, and so on can help us recharge and gives our brain the downtime it needs to work at an optimal level. Get outside – Ditching the comfort of