Icing An Injury

At the chiropractic practice of Dr. Robert L. Larson, D.C., we help patients rehabilitate from all kinds of injuries.  The method of icing an injury, called cryotherapy, is known to provide cooling relief and help numb painful soft tissue injuries. Applying ice safely by using an ice pack or cold compress is an excellent way to treat muscle spasms and injuries like sprains and strains.  If icing an injury does not provide relief or your pain worsens, contact us for help.

After an injury, affected soft tissue will be inflamed and icing the area reduces inflammation and pain, as well as cools the skin to constrict blood vessels and heal the area.  The healing effects of ice pack therapy can also be helpful after a flare-up in chronic pain like in the back or knee, and is a cheap option for at-home relief. Cryotherapy is an effective way to manage pain at home without medication.

To learn more about all the services provided at the practice, visit www.drrobertllarson.com for more information. To schedule an appointment with Dr. Robert L. Larson, D.C., in Billings, MT, call 406-655-0101.


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